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Is it possible to copy / paste items from one plan to another.  For instance, if I have designed a fireplace with built ins, can I copy that entire unit from one plan into a completely separate floor plan?  I'm sure it must be possible to save time but I have not been able to figure out how to do so.


Thanks in advance for any input on this.



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Select the items you wish to copy, copy them, switch to a new plan and paste.


You may also use Edit > Edit Area to copy parts of a plan from one to another.


In Pro -- unsure about other titles, you may select several items, block them together and add to the Library for use elsewhere.


If you will add your title (Suite, PRO etc) and version (10, 2014 etc) to your signature, it will help provide better responses.

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Hold down the control key and select every part of the built-in.  You might have to do this in the 3d view, to get all of them.

Do not right click to copy, as this will deselect all the items (except for the one you right click on).

Instead, go to the tool bar/ edit/ copy.


Activate the new plan, and choose 'paste' from the tool bar/ edit/ paste.  The entire unit should paste.


If your software allows blocking, you can make a block and add it to the library.

If not, save a plan that contains all of the items you want to keep as units. Then you can always open that plan and repeat the 'ctrl/copy/paste' routine.

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