exposed beam system over deck

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I am having troubles trying to angle a ceiling beam on a pergola style exposed roof beam system over a deck. the customer is wanting this strange designed roof system so that it does not tie into the house. I have got the deck and part of the roof figured out just cant seem to find a way to angle the top beam. There is an attached 2d drawing of what im looking for and there is a 3d drawing of where im at. I have tried to draw a poly line which works up to the point where I need to convert it back to an architectural item. im sure its a simple step im missing but im lost. if you have any help it would be appreciated. Im using home designer pro 2020. thanks 

Tim Shaffer 2d.pdf

Tim Shaffer left side 3d view.pdf

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Are you asking about rafters and purlins?


The software won't do the purlins -- go back to ChiefTalk and search there for some options.


Draw a roof, build framing, copy a rafter, delete the roof, paste/hold position the rafter.

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