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Good Evening,


Trying to create the following scenario...


Garage (with no rooms above it).  Park the gar, walk towards the back of the garage, and you have to walk up 2 stairs to get to "floor level" of the living space.  In other words, if the Garage was at Zero, the living space of the house is about a foot and a half higher than that.


how come, in this picture-  my foundations don't seem to be aligned?  The garage seems to be "floating".  Can someone help me out with this scenario?  I want to walk in the garage, walk up 2 steps, and be walking onto floor 1 (which is probably elevated 1 foot and a half higher than the garage floor).


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Generally, you want the house floor at 0" and things like the garage, porches etc with a negative floor height.


Suite seems to default to a 24" stem wall for garages. To change it, after you build the foundation, open the foundation room under the garage and change the stem wall height. This will turn off auto rebuild foundations, so you probably would do this when the foundation is not going to change.

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And I guess I just can't wrap my head around-  Floor A, Floor B, Floor G, absolute this, rough that...


I went to foundation, clicked build foundation.  The garage, as you stated, defaulted to 22 1/2 stem wall.  It also gave me a Floor (C) height of -26 1/8".  So it is already giving me a negative.  


At the foundation level-  when I clicked on the living space area, it has the stem wall at 37 1/2", yet is starting me with a Floor (C) height of -46 1/8".




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I guess that was all it was.


The stem wall was 22 1/2.  I went to LEVEL 0, and changed the 22 1/2 to match the 37 1/2 of the living space.  Now it is perfectly lined up!


now I just want to go back, without messing that part up that I just fixed, and create that level separation.  You are saying I should lower the garage, not raise the house, yes?


But I don't want to change the height of the stem wall (because they are both perfectly aligned at 37 1/2"-  so let me go see what wall or floor or ceiling or whatever I need to adjust to try and make this happen..


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Looks like I have it where I want it (I think).


As you said Ed-  My living space floor height (Floor C) is at 0".


My Garage Floor Height (Floor D) is at -18".  So I have created a foot and a half differential, which is what I was looking for.


Now that I've done it, I wish I understood why the living space is labeled as "Floor C", and the Garage "Floor D".  


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