How to draw board and batten siding?


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There is no true 3D Board and Batten available but there is a board and batten siding option in the CertainTeed Library in newer versions under siding/vinyl siding/vertical siding. You can then apply any material to it as needed eg a real Cedar look. 


That option isn't available to me in Pro 10 so earlier this year I dug around the old Forums here, and here is what I managed to make using info from some old threads and a texture found here too.




3 different Sizes being standard 1x8,1x10 and 1x12 with a 1x2" batten over the joints, once again it isn't true 3D, they will import into your User Library as Board and Batten 8,10 and 12". If they don't look right let me know and I'll figure out why but I don't think you need the pattern file since you are importing them as materials.


Board and Batten 8-10-12inch_MHD.calibz





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