Trouble with pdf printing

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I admit, I am impatient sometimes, and today is one of those times.


I had to reinstall my software when I replaced the laptop. I used to be able to print to PDF and when I open the PDF file then I could zoom in on it and it would zoom in without any trouble. Now, when I zoom in the picture becomes pixelated and I am not able to read any text on the drawing.


I know there must be a setting I missed when I tried printing, but I cannot figure out what it could be.


I tried changing the parameters for printing, including the scaling, but zooming in still causes the pixelating problem.


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I have had occasional problems in the past (several years ago) and solved it by reinstalling the PDF creating software. The only "settings" to be careful of are "Print to scale", your paper size and drawing sheet size and orientations.



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