Dimension issues in HD Pro


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Hi all

When I am either working on the tutorials or designing a home I draw out my walls.

Then I click on each wall to change the dimensions to what I need them to be.

I select the arrows and hit the enter key.

Then it drives me nuts.

It should just change the dimension that I want to change. Right?

But it changes several dimensions.

What have I not understood???

I have watched all the videos and I have read the manual many many times.

While practicing "Build a Clear Story" I have followed the instructions but it will not allow me to change the dimension to my overhang size of 760mm.

Many Thanks Robynpost-620-0-20193600-1414542026_thumb.pngpost-620-0-50818600-1414542036_thumb.png



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the dimension you have circled is the distance between the two (interior?) walls not the roof overhang, roof overhangs are changed in the Wall DBX for each wall or in the build roof DBX if setting the default distance.


If you change the 1079mm to 760 either the right or left wall will move left or right ,thus yes one of the other room sizes will change too and thus it's dimension too

a better way to do this is to select the wall you want to move then click the dimension and change it as desired so that the wall you want to move moves, other changing the 1079mm to 760 gives you no control over which of the two interior walls moves, the left one when I tried it but not sure why.


Are you doing the Tutorial on how to build a Clerestory Roof ?  ( not a Clear Story )


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