Combining multiple windows and handling the trim


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I've been using Punch and recently moved to Chief Architect (Home Designer Pro) to get past some challenges. I am on version Pro 2019, Build


The design I am working on has a lot of glass at the entrance. I will have a double door with windows on each side and a row of windows across the top. The windows have a black finish, but the trim is white. I was able to model the appearance in my defaults and that is fine, but when I try to assemble the overall structure I don't understand how to control the trim to get the correct look. Having previously installed side-by-side windows, there is typically a connector making them a single unit, then the framing (and trim) is around the total combined size.


The attached picture is not my finished design, but a start that illustrates 2 challenges I am hitting:

  1. The windows to the left are pushed together as close as possible. the trim collapsed to a smaller version (perhaps 2" vs. 4" for the bordering trim), but there appears to still be framing between them (this could be ok, but not sure yet). I want the space between to be black like the windows themselves so I need to either remove it completely, or be able to customize the 'joining' trim. 
  2. My second challenge is similar related to the window to the right of the door. again, my goal is to have black trim between the door and window but white surrounding, and more importantly the baseboard overlaps the window. I want the overall panel to look like the door in that it is black to the floor, it just doesn't open.


In Punch, I created the windows with thin black trim, then created another window to represent the entire opening with the white trim. It appears I can do that in CA using an 'opening', but that means every window throughout the house will require both an opening and a window with matched sized and offsets and it was a real pain to make minor adjustments. My question is really, am I approaching this the right way? what are the alternatives?  … I would have also considered just building each window combination as a custom window and adding them to the library, but since some of them include both windows and doors, and couldn't figure out how to do that. 



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Windows and doors must insert into a wall, so you cannot create a doorway for the casing, then place windows/doors within the opening.


You should be able to come close on the look for the windows -- casing off, then use a Custom Backsplash for the trim.



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