Is there any way to achieve FPS-style Camera control?

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I wasn't able to find a discussion on this topic already, however I feel it's a reasonably guess that I'm not the first person to bring this up.


Is there a way to control the camera in a classic first-person-shooter style? That is. you point the view where you want to go with the mouse, use WSAD to move forward/backward, slide left/right, perhaps even "fly" up/down, and maybe change field of view with mouse scroll wheel?


I've used a few other programs that had support for this style of camera navigation, and it was really nice to work with. It was also a natural way for others to explore my designs using a 3D space navigation scheme they were already familiar with. Attempts to navigate by people unfamiliar with the software but want to view the model are frustrating for both viewer and navigator (not always the same person).


Unfortunately I also find all of the Home Designer cameras really difficult to use, and I've spent a fair bit of time with them now and it's not getting any easier, so I'm hoping there's some secret setting or combination of settings that will actually make things less frustrating for myself and those who view my designs.


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You can use the "arrow keys" on your keyboard to move the camera and you can predefine a line or spline that the camera will move along as a path for animations. The smoothness or the lack there of is determined by the quality of your PC-video card and how you preset the walk-through in terms of fames per second. This is fully described in your Reference Manual and video tutorials.



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under the #D menu try the "Move camera with Mouse" and "Move camera with keyboard" options


if you have a programmable mouse or keyboard or gameboard like the G13 you can also program both the cameras and other shortcuts too.



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