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After setting up my exterior stairs and landings, I tried to change the railings and they will not change correctly. Instead of following the stairs, they are appearing horizontally across the stairs.  Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes – that can be frustrating actually.  The library for railing styles is limited to the millwork category – so the panels from the fence & railings will not work as you might expect they would (they should).


I’m not sure what version you have, but in HD Pro, you can draw a manual railing and use the panels (use the railing wall tool and set to follow stairs - see attached)  Sorry for the inconvenience – it is something we have on our list to address.



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  • 2 months later...

did you alter the terrain height after you built the stairs ? 


you should be able to adjust the stairs by changing the bottom height number in the stair DBX to match the terrain height if needed


these might help too:



click stairs work inside or out


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