More fun with soffits and wedge shapes

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I'm stumped again on generating soffit objects that can be inserted into odd places.  This time, I'd like to put a soffit above a bay window that is flush with the wall on either side of the bay window.  Please see attached screen grab.  Inserting a longer "regular" soffit would poke outside the building.  What I'd like to do is insert a wedge shape, but there does not appear to be a way to rotate a wedge 90deg onto its side as shown in the wireframe lines that I show in red.


What am I missing?  Thanks!



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Aha -- that's clever!  Thanks Jo_Ann!


By the way, I'm thinking that this program ought to be clever enough on its own to figure out that soffits generated in the ordinary way shouldn't be poking outside of exterior walls.

We shouldn't have to resort to such "hacking" to get the job done...

Thanks again.

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Thanks AppleWalker!

I probably should have built my Bay Window using the Build/Window/Bay Window/ tool such that this easier method would be available.

Unfortunately I constructed and tweaked the 3 surfaces and windows manually, so the custom slab method was my only choice.  I did this during my first couple days using Home Designer Architect - didn't know any better ;-).




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