New Interiors install all bathroom fittings defaulting to stainless steel

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I have a new full version of Interiors 2018 and have knocked up a simple design.


All seemed fine with the 3D renders until I started placing appliances and fittings.


Of greatest concern are the bathroom fittings. Toilets, showers units, hand basins are all placing as stainless steel material. I don't recall altering or setting a default but the sample renders in the library picker look correct. (porcelain, fibreglass etc)


Any thoughts?


Changing the materials on each place is getting tiring.



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Take a look at "Edit- Default Settings-Materials" where general materials are pre-set. Also, you can experiment using the "Materials Eyedropper" set to "Plan Mode" but PLEASE read the reference manual section covering the Materials Eyedropper tool" first and practice using the tool in a simple test plan before using it on a plan you have invested time in.


It is good general advice to suggest that you really learn how to use your software by studying and practicing using your Reference Manual so as to reduce you're having to guess and hope for the best on an ignorance basis. Even what you have is somewhat complicated and sophisticated and takes a knowledgeable user to really create with it.



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