Unable to view the 3D of the plant chooser features!

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Am having difficult in viewing the 3D on my plan when it comes to plant chooser, the other landscape features are showing except for the plant chooser features.

In 2D, am able to view that the plant or tree has been added but on the 3D it cant update, is there anything i can do to view.  Am learning how to work on the landscape and terrain features.

Please help.My Class!.


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You have not yet mentioned what software you are using, its version and title. Can you post a screen capture of what you are NOT seeing, please?


In HD Pro 2018 the "Help Files" state about the plant chooser: "Click the View Item button in the Plant Chooser Dialog to see more information about the selected plant in the Plant Information dialog.(and a visual of the plant)"  Is that what you are doing or something else?



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