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    New Features_Home Designer Pro 2021

    Thanks a lot.
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    New Features_Home Designer Pro 2021

    Hello, I was going through the new features in the program Home Designer Pro 2021. And, i tried to go through the Materials list/Schedules, am only able to see the Plant Schedule. Is this the only schedule available? Thank you.
  3. Thank you for replying on time, am actually using The Home designer Suite 2018. See the attached screen shots.
  4. Hello, Am having difficult in viewing the 3D on my plan when it comes to plant chooser, the other landscape features are showing except for the plant chooser features. In 2D, am able to view that the plant or tree has been added but on the 3D it cant update, is there anything i can do to view. Am learning how to work on the landscape and terrain features. Please help.My Class!.