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I am at this moment quite brain dead from watching videos and reading to try and find out how to solve my problem.  I did figure out how to do this in HD 7 but lost all the files due to a hard drive failure.  I just upgraded to Architect and am in the process of starting this all over.


My house is a steep roofed A frame style, but the roof begins at the top of the first floor (not close to the ground like some A frames).  The pitch is like 12" in 12".  The house has a crawlspace withe a garage added later that sits on a slab.


On the first floor the area over the living room is a cathedral ceiling, the hall located between the storage and living room is actually going to be stairs to the second level.  The stairs begin in the hall and go to a landing at the exterior wall then turn 180 deg and go up to the second floor.  This area is left open with a railing and view down to the living area.  To the right is the door to the master bedroom.  Entering the master bedroom the bath is to the right, then to the left is a small hall to a walk in closet above the garage.


The problem i am having is that I cannot define the rooms on the second floor, every time I attempt to add a wall, invisible wall, anything it totally screws up the roof.  The roof is almost 95% exact as it appears on the house right now.  As you can tell I have no floors on the second floor except for the bath which I was able to define without screwing up the roof.


I even downloaded some samples and tried to figure out what they did but have been unsuccessful.  


Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance!









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Turn off auto-rebuild roofs, once roofs are where you need them to be. With auto-rebuild roofs "on" the software assumes you are not finished and treats all new spaces as new rooms.

Where you intend to add living space under existing roof planes that is how it is done unless you redo the roofs which is very expensive to do, filling in under existing roofs is less expensive so you have to control the software so it does just what you need and want.



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I have attached a labeled version of the second floor that may help as well, you can see the stairs, I have a large beam that forms support for the second floor where it overlooks the living area.  The upper landing and sitting area has railing shown in green.


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