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Working on a concept plan for an client, I started my plan by setting all my defaults for this plan. Since I will have several differing ceiling heights, and also different roof types and lines for this project, I set the basic defaults for typical room at 108". The corridors will all be 108", patient rooms 108" individual rest/bathing rooms 96". The central plant services area will all be 144"-with flat roof with parapet over the entire central plant area and situated centered in the  E-W length of the building. E-W wings are mirror images. Individual rooms are standard and form projecting pods, only interior changes will be minor as not to change the roof lines.


The patient rooms each will have their own private bath that extend to the exterior of the rooms and have the lower ceiling height. The configuration of each pod is so that the roof over the patient rooms will be gable as well as the private baths (which will be lower gable).

To the plan east and west of the central plant, and on plan North side of the corridor is a large open area the client has yet to determine what they wish these spaces to be used for. The roof over these two areas will be a long shed so as to start at the height of the parapet and slope down.

The gable roof will tie it all together and it too on both E-W side of the central plant parapet will marry with the shed, and terminate around the parapet where ever it intersects it; as to allow infrastructure i.e. HVAC, electrical feeders etc to enter the attic spaces through the vertical wall of the parapet and to feed the main corridor, patient rooms and ancillary spaces. 


I have pretty well finished the interior walls, exterior windows and doors now starting on the roof with manual roof tools. Current issue, is I draw the gables in over the patient room and then the bath projections, and as soon as I do that you can see the exterior wall height changes at some of the bathrooms and raises to the height of the main gable, (an example of two rooms in 3d shows one side has changed but the other didn't) and when I check each room dbx the bathroom heights have all reverted back to the patient room height on the ones the gables changed on.

So until I can get this solved I am not attempting to go further on the roof. DJP I know you are the roof "guru" and as you usually say practice makes perfect, so I will keep practicing, however any advise is appreciated.




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As a test Bob try setting the room heights further apart eg 24" , HD seems to have an issue if the heights are too close eg 12" or less where it attempts to "blend" things together.


Is this with auto Roofs on ? or are you doing it all manually?



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You should first think of the baseline heights of the roof planes. 


They structurally bare on exterior walls so you adjust your ceiling heights knowing that the roof generator will follow those stated heights and adjust the base line heights per room dialog box based upon those settings.


If you want all roofs at the same baseline height then leave all room dialogs at "Default" until after the roofs are built, otherwise as aforementioned you will get varying baseline heights that follow room dialog box-ceiling height settings per room dialog box.


It is a matter of what you intend to have. I usually build the roofs and only then change room dialog box-ceiling heights for the sake of symmetry and uniformity.


In the end it is up to you to control.



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Hi Bob , the 12" difference problem is something I discovered recently in a Plan of mine , I had ,had trouble with for sometime , reducing the room height difference to 12" or more solved it , ie if you go 11 7/8 you get blended roof and 12" you get two separate roofs.


I just did a test plan and tried it .....and the room height diff. of 12" or more solves it every time  ie at 107 5/8  my "Bathroom area" could be a max of 95 5/8 high ....95 3/4 caused the Roof to turn into a Hip even though set as a Full Gable slightly different from your problem...... 


what I did was set the "Bath Rooms"   to 66" and then slowly creep back up till I found the height they would no longer Blend ......any closer than 12" and they will "Blend" together , so I think it must be Hard coded into HD? Someone else may know more , but I do know it's an old issue after searching the old forums.


I'll add the pics when I can the forum is blocking my uploads for some reason?





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it seems I was over my Space limit on the Forums for attachments Bob , but here are the Pics :


If all the Room height are the same it builds perfectly with auto roofs on but once you start changing room heights things get a bit strange....


Full gable wall



High shed ( hip, why ?)



at 95 5/8 room height



at 95 3/4 Room Height







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Mick, the 12" ceiling height difference makes sense, however you may not have noted, but my ceiling heights are already 12" difference, 96" in baths, 108" in patient rooms. So?

Any way, I can't get it to build correctly in "auto roofs", that's why I am attempting the manual roof build. ;-)

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I did note the 108 and 96 " , but wasn't sure if they were exact heights?  as if I even went 1/16th inside 12" I lost the Roof again. 


I also found I had to set the side room height really low eg 65" 1st after the error condition  ,which seemed to "break" the existing "roof connections" , and then sneak back up to the desired height. 10" at a time.  If I didn't drop it really low  1st the Roof continued to "Hang on" to it's old settings/shape as I lowered it even past the 12" mark.



Can you post the plan or email it to me ?  I'll take a peak if you'd like.....



You can try what I have mentioned on a small 20x30 house , then add a 12' x8' addition on the one gable end , I can easily now reproduce this problem, unfortunately it took a long time to figure out on an old plan ( My Cabin ) that I have been working on for a number of years on and off.... 




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