Garage pull down staircase


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Anyone know how to put a pull down staircase in the garage ceiling?  Everything I try puts walls in the attic, and I just want a hole in the attic floor (or the garage ceiling) to receive the staircase.


I realize this may not be possible with the version I'm using...HD Suite 2015, build


Thanks, Bob

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Use Room Dividers (might be called Invisible Walls in 2015, not sure) to create a small garage room where you want the stairs. Then remove the checkmark next to Ceiling Over this Room in its Specification dialog, and put in your stairs.

You might want to use the 3D camera view to raise it up through the ceiling by holding down the Control key on your keyboard.

I couldn't find any in the Library, but these import okay.

There's one other folding Attic Stair in the 3D Warehouse that I found, but it's got 138,440 polygons and took forever to try to import, so I gave up on it.

KB-00888: Importing 3D Symbols


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