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    Items in full height kitchen cabinet

    Sorry I'm a bit late in responding, been out of town a few days. Thanks to all who suggested ways to do this. With your help I was able to figure it out. Bob
  2. bob91750

    Items in full height kitchen cabinet

    I'm trying to place a wall oven & microwave in a full height kitchen cabinet similar to those shown in the attached picture. I can get either the microwave or the oven, but not both. Tried putting a shelf over the oven and just placing the microwave on it, but positioning of shelves and oven and drawers below the oven keep moving around. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob Home Designer Suite 2015, Build
  3. bob91750

    Garage pull down staircase

    That did it. Thank you very much for your quick reply. Bob
  4. bob91750

    Garage pull down staircase

    Anyone know how to put a pull down staircase in the garage ceiling? Everything I try puts walls in the attic, and I just want a hole in the attic floor (or the garage ceiling) to receive the staircase. I realize this may not be possible with the version I'm using...HD Suite 2015, build Thanks, Bob