Can anyone help me with a workstation object please? :(


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I have searched £D Warehouse and found a couple (see the second attachment) but they are not editable and the one that I really liked  is so huge that just using three of them in my plan increases the plan size from 8MB to 14MB.  :o


I need something similar to my crude sketch below.  Ideally I would be able to edit it so that I can use all three together as in the sketch or split it up so that where I only need two desks I can erase the third.  Etc.


I know that there are some clever people on here...





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Why, in the space of one afternoon I've even learned how to make architectural blocks and add things to the library.


I'm a bit worried that the side desk on the triple workstation seems to be elongated and not of the same proportions as the other two but if my memory serves me correctly I think I read somewhere that this is something to do with the way the software displays things.  Would you drag it in to make it look a bit more proportional?


I don't like the numbers that automatically appear either but, heigh-ho, who am I to quibble about such a minor thing.  ;)


post-52-0-44185300-1407258013_thumb.jpg  post-52-0-33373000-1407258050_thumb.jpg  post-52-0-31055400-1407258077_thumb.jpg

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Looks good!   It does look like you have a double soffit panel (in 2d window) in your front/back desk unit.  You can explode the block and remove one of them, then re-block. 

Not seeing what you describe as the side desk looking elongated? 

With the 2d window active, open your display options up in the toolbar and uncheck cabinet labels.  Numbers will be all gone.  POOF!

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yep I think JO. is right looks like a double privacy divider between the two desks

Try the Orthographic view camera instead of the Perspective camera and see if things look better


you have 2014 unlike Jo and I , so did you check theses out">">

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