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I recently upgraded to HD Pro 2017.  I am having difficulites with the terrain perimeter in that I can't see it.  In the Layers Menu, the Terrain Perimeter is checked (so it should display).  The program indicates that I have a perimeter - the Create Terrain Perimeter option is grayed out in the Terrain drop-down menu.  However, when I select Clear Terrain from that drop-down menu, nothing happens and the Create Terrain Perimeter option is still grayed out.  Could anyone tell me what simple thing I have missed? 


Thanks in advance!


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Clear Terrain doesn't delete your Terrain Perimeter (and it's not supposed to).

You are probably on the wrong floor, or zoomed in too close to see your terrain perimeter.

Start on Floor 0, then select the Window menu and click on "Fill Window" and if you don't see the terrain perimeter there, go up to Floor 1 and repeat "Fill Window," not there, then go up to Floor 2, etc.

If that doesn't work, can you see the terrain in a 3D camera view?  If not, then you've probably actually resized the terrain perimeter so that it's smaller and hidden somewhere in the rest of your structure.  Turn off every layer EXCEPT for the Terrain Perimeter and then go through the whole Fill Window thing again until you find it.

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