Custom spa tubs?


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Hi All,

I know I have ask a lot of questions of late. I have used both the reference guide, user guide that came with the software and while it helps, I learn by doing. The guides for so much of it work VERY well, however for some issues and or when it comes to more of a creation, they don't explain in a way that goes by a step by step. Having a great deal of contracting/home remodeling experience helps and having experience with these programs help, but the complexity of this program and the expanse of options with design, sometimes leaves me searching to figure things out.

So that leads me to getting frustrated after about 3 hours of trying this and that to resolve this issue with no luck!

What I am trying to do is design a home for myself and my soon to be wife. 

I am wanting to do a either a tub sunk into the floor or placed in a base. I followed the directions that I found here:

BUT........... I think that is for something else and not what I am looking for. Is there a video tutorial or something that I am overlooking?

Below is something like what I am trying to achieve.


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In order to have a "sunken" anything you start with a hole in the floor or a "room" with a lowered floor (room dialog box - floor level) and then place the whatever in the hole or lowered "room". the lowered room should be the same size as the object you wish to place in the hole-lowered room or space just as in the article you mentioned.



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