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I'm new to the Home Designer Suite (2015) and drew a basic outline of my house.  My existing professional architectural plans show the exterior wall thickness as 8", so I manually changed the wall thickness to exactly 8".  However, when I create a room with an 8" thick wall, and then take interior measurements, the program lists completely wrong interior measurements.  For example a room whose exterior length is 20'2" shows an interior length of 19' 7 7/8" instead of 20'2"-16" = 19'2"


I did notice when zooming in, that even exterior measurements are not taken from outer wall material edge to outer edge.  It looks like it's measuring from some interior point. 


What gives?  Is there any way to simplify so measurements work out correctly?  I know about changing dimension defaults smallest fraction, which I thought would be a good workaround, but it still gave incorrect interior dimensions.

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Typical the foundation wall / basement is 8 " concrete , not the Framed wall on the main floor ( or elsewhere) , it is probably 2x6 stud  so 5 1/2 + 1/2 drywall + 1/2 ply+ 3/4" siding/stucco so about 7 1/4 " +/- depending on rainscreen etc.


20'2" -16" is 18'10"   not 19'2"  but    HD would not be counting the Plywood/OSB as it is outside the wall Main layer so subtract 14" 1/8 not 16" as it isn't measuring to the drywall either but the inside of the framing ie the Wall Layer but the interior length is probably set to measure to Wall centres which is why you have the weird 19' 7 7/8" , at a guess , try this :


Check the Edit>Default>Dimensions and see how the dimensions are being located, HD typically sets its dimensioning off the outside of the main layer of the wall , which is usually set as the framing ( not the plywood) this can be changed in the Wall Definitions in some versions of HD , not sure on Suite.  


Interior dimensions can be set to Wall Layer or Surface (drywall) in the same DBX (dialog box) or wall centres


I believe this information is in the online help and in the Reference Manual PDF found under the Help Menu too.



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Dimensions do ONLY what you set them to do. This software is a mechanical device that runs on settings. If the settings are wrong then the dimensions are wrong ( See Edit - Dimension Defaults  - Locate Objects).


When you create a custom wall type you have to tell the software what is the "Main Layer" and by default it will measure only to you you set as the "Main Layer" (if that is set wrong by you then dimensions are then wrong as well).

You have to do a little study and practice to get the precise results you want (just like your Architect did or anyone else who intends accurate graphic communication from Architectural Software).

That is what is happening (or not happening in this case). I am not being mean or mean spirited but rather just answering your query factually.



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