Changing interior stair railings to panels


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 Looking for some assistance changing an interior stair railing to a panelized railing. I tried using the drawing tool for railings and adjusting the angle, but that only adjusts the angle on the same plane... not vertically. Is it possible to have a panelled stair railing in the Home Designer architectural? 


 Attached is a photo of the panel railing I'd like on the stairs going up. 


 Thanks for your assistance!


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Make your own panel.


First, eliminate the balusters by assigning them 'no material' or use the rainbow tool (in the 3d window) to make them invisible.


Use soffits for posts.  Set sloped soffits for the criss-crossed rails.  Align the pieces in the 2d window.  Raise the pieces in the 3d window.  When all is correct, hold ctrl key to select all pieces (easiest to do in 3d window) and block them together.


Your example appears to have glass.

Use another sloped soffit (make it taller and thinner and semi-transparent) to simulate glass.  Move this into the center of the blocked rail assembly (hold down ctrl), and raise it into correct position in the 3d view.

Select the glass and the rail block, and block them together.


You can now copy/paste each panel as a unit.


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