Tip: Most camera display problems are resolved by updating your video driver


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If you're having issues with your camera views, like it coming up totally blank/white or black, only showing the floor plan in the window that says the camera is active, or giving an error message, first check to make sure that your video even meets the software's System Requirements.


If it does, follow these instructions in the Knowledge Base to update the video card or chipset's driver to the most recent version compatible with your operating system.


KB-00897: Troubleshooting 3D Display Problems


If updating the driver still doesn't work, there's also instructions in the article above to make some changes to your Render Preferences, and if even that doesn't work, then there's info on sending relevant files to the company's Support folks for advanced troubleshooting.


If you're not having a problem and are just looking for tips to make your 3D camera views look better, see this other thread.


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