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i know the answer is a basic one but i can't figure it out


the location of the item i am asking about is:




after you explode the design, you have a long, curved planter bed that kind of encloses the pool and sitting area.  the planter bed is a shape that has many points where you can alter the shape....i know there is a formal name for the dots you can move but i cant think of it


if i go to terrain features and select a kidney feature or a rectangular or round feature, there are only a few 'dots' to grap onto to change the shape


i want to create a shape similar to the one in the POOL POND design myself that similarly wraps around a seating area.  i tried using the shaped planter in the exploded design but it is difficult getting the shape the way i want


how do i create a similar planter ned with the many adjustable 'dots' rather than just the 3 or 4 on the terrain features


i hope this makes sense because it is driving me crazy!!!  trying to explain to my husband, i knocked a full glass of coffee on myself, the couch and several throw pillows.....that gave me a laundry break but now i am back to trying to create my own long, circular shaped planter bed and i cant


thanks ahead of time to anyone who knows what i mean!!


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my husband says the term is vector points.....the almost-circle planter bed in the pre-designed 'POOL POND' has many vector points but when i select the terrair feature, such as the kidney shape, it has just 4 vector points.  how or where was the long plant bed [the raised walled planter] created that has all the vector points to change the shape as opposed to the standard terrain features which have only 4 or 5 vector points.......hope that makes a little more sense

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ooohhhh....thanks so much!!!!  my hubby is a geek, programmer....so i will get to tell him the rare 'you were wrong' !!!  thanks and have a good holiday...i appreciate you taking the time to write...now i will see just how long my learning curve is!!!  : ~ D


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