Mysterious Roof Angles


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I am modelling an existing house. After I got the roof planes looking correct, I realized that the pitches were wrong.


I was using the 8/12 default, but the house actually has a 10/12 roof.


Attachments "Shallow Roof.jpg" and "Shallow Roof 2.jpg" show the design with roof pitch set to 8/12. Although this is the right shape, the rooms under the roof are not as high as the actual house.


When I raise the roof pitch, I expect to increase the height of the dormer-like structure to keep it aligned with the peak. Instead, this is what I get - see files "Steep Roof.jpg" and "Steep Roof 2.jpg".


Nothing I do seems to help. I can successfully increase the pitch to about 9/12 but no further.


Any suggestions? Let me know if more files would be useful.




PS - i have enabled Signature, but I don't see it in the preview. I am using HD Suite, 2016 on a Windows 7 computer.







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When you have structural problems especially, it's best to post the plan file as well as pictures. Make sure it's closed before posting.


Make a copy of the plan.


Go to the Build Roof dialog and change the pitch to 10.


Go to Edit>Default Settings>Floor and make sure your ceiling heights are correct. Do this for both floors -- in plan view, go to floor 1 and then set defaults, got to floor 2 and set defaults.


Go to Edit>Reset to Defaults. Select All Floors and check all the options.


Build the roof.


Go around the plan changing walls to Full Gable and changing the pitch as needed. This should get you to a default build, although I suspect there will be problems with the second floor roof.



Resources for self help:
The built in Help System (always a good place to start)
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Go to the second floor. Select and copy the 4 walls that create the room.


Delete the second floor.


Go through the steps to reset, then change wall and roof directives outlined above.


 The settings for the front wall should look like this. post-171-0-28304800-1450133879_thumb.jpg


Build a blank second floor. Paste>Paste Hold Position to put the walls back. Change the Rough Ceiling to 104 3/8".


Back to the front wall on the first floor. Uncheck Upper Pitch.


I have no clue why, and there may be an easier way. 



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Worked! Then I immediately unchecked Auto Rebuild Roofs.


I have to say that I am not impressed with this software. As a one-time software engineer, I would rate it as not ready for the market.


I am happy that people like you have spent the time needed to understand its idiosyncracies and are willing to help people like me (newbies) who haven't yet spent the time needed to learn what we need to know.


Thank you

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