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When doing a remodel there is three basic parts to the process:

1 - The Existing building that will not change

2 - The Area to Demo

3 - The area to add New

Is there a way to separate or "Block" each of these stages separately, so when I generate a parts cut lost I do not mix up the Existing part of the building where no cut list is required, with the New areas where the materials list is desired?


Also.... Is there a way to "Shade or color" the groups separately?  IE - Existing as a Grey scale or hidden line and the NEW addition area as colored to show the area of work more clearly?


Thanks, Matte

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Thanks, Hopefully the update reflects the "Pro" status.  That is sort of what I was thinking, I have only had the program for a few days, still haven't had time to play with it too much. I haven't tried making two models yet, Exist and New and seeing if I can Copy/ Xref into each other?  Too bad we can only import from SketchUp and not export!  Even if we loose all intelligence to the parts, At least we could group and color differently for presentation purposes only?

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