creating beams on a cathedral roof


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I hope somebody can help me, I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2016, I am trying to create beams on a cathedral roof but nothing seems to work.


I have tried soffits but even when I put in sloped soffit fit under roof I do not get the angle and there is no where for me to enter it.  I have tried trusses and beams etc but I do get an error code "Roof and ceiling planes cannot be found or they are too close together, so can not make a truss".  All this is very alien to me I have tried so many different things and changed so many numbers I am even more confused lol (not hard).


I have enclosed pictures of what the room is currently like, 3d images of what I have produced so far and the plan, if anyone could help that would be great.


Many thanks.




I did try and post the actual file as well but seems to have stopped me I will try again after this post.






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