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    No Reflection

    Sorry if this has been asked before and I just have not been able to find it. I have upgraded to home designer pro 2019 from 2017 and can not find the answer to why my mirror is not reflecting I have done what the instruction has told me to do but it is not there in 2019 but is in 2017 . I have search for 2019 mirror reflection but it seems to only relate to version 2017, can someone please tell me where i can find it before I go crazy on this simple thing. Many thanks. Hanna
  2. This goes with original question above, note that it should be on floor 2 for the roof. thanks. question cathedral ceiling and beams floor Plan.plan
  3. I hope somebody can help me, I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2016, I am trying to create beams on a cathedral roof but nothing seems to work. I have tried soffits but even when I put in sloped soffit fit under roof I do not get the angle and there is no where for me to enter it. I have tried trusses and beams etc but I do get an error code "Roof and ceiling planes cannot be found or they are too close together, so can not make a truss". All this is very alien to me I have tried so many different things and changed so many numbers I am even more confused lol (not hard). I have enclosed pictures of what the room is currently like, 3d images of what I have produced so far and the plan, if anyone could help that would be great. Many thanks. /Hanna I did try and post the actual file as well but seems to have stopped me I will try again after this post.
  4. Many thanks for your help, I will give this a go, will have to be Monday now but seeing as you have done it I now know that it is possible I am sure it will work. I will have to check the windows they are a pain all the side were different lengths has the frames all joined together and there should be four of them they look the same size but cant be if the 1330 wall has two windows in, so I have more investigating to do with this lol. Thanks again for your help /Hanna
  5. Hopefully this is what you meant. fireplace. plan.plan
  6. Hi Yes I have used interior walls to sit the fireplace in (its a chimney breast, so its a flat wall on the external of the building but protrudes into the room by 230mm) this has been the best method I have found so far. I am also going to include the original picture of how the fireplace is set up so you can see what it looks like. Thanks again for your help. /Hanna
  7. Thanks for the reply. I did do a search on the forum about the floor issue but nothing came up, must of not used the right words. I managed to find the toggle texture box and it seems a lot better now so thank you. I have attached an image of my fireplace, I usually have to try and make my fireplaces as they are different to the ones in the library, as you hopefully can see the base board come up in front of the fire and I don't want this, yeh the base boards are this high lol. Thanks again for your help. 
  8. Hi everyone I am currently using Home designer pro 2016, I have not had it long installed and I have a couple of issues. 1. when I do a wooden floor it just comes back as a block of colour so you don't see the planks, I have looked in the manual and online, I have tried it in 2014 which I still have loaded and it worked ok in that, but not in 2016 what am I missing? 2. Also does anyone know how I can remove the base board from around a fire place but still leave it in the rest of the room? Daft questions I know but it has been one of those days when sometimes things worked then they stop I have a break and then they work again lol. Thanks for any help. /Hanna
  9. Hi everyone I have just started Home Designer Pro 2016, and my problem is I can not turn off the automatic dimension EXTERIOR tool, I only want the internal measurements to be displayed and not the exterior, but I seem to get both. Never had this before. Can anyone help? Many thanks. /Hanna
  10. Thanks Katalyst777 very much, just what I was after, it works a treat.
  11. Hannahobday

    Wine cellars

    Hi I am using Home Designer Pro 2014, and I am currently trying to implement a cellar in the floor of a room. It will be a strengthened glass circular top implemented in the floor (pretty much flush) which will lead down to the cellar, but I can not find anywhere on how to do this. Can anyone help? Many thanks. /Hanna
  12. Because three walls are external so is shown with a 300mm thickness and one wall is an internal wall and is only 100mm. This is what happens when I don't need to do the whole floor and only a room or two at a time.
  13. Many thanks for your help in this matter, I went into BUILD - ROOF - DELETE ROOF PLANES this put the room back to normal would not be any good if I needed an external view though lol. I did try lowering and turning off "auto rebuild" then putting back to original height but this did not seem to work for me, I will try again.
  14. I have attached a few images for you to see what I am on about (hopefully this will help). You should see a dotted line along the interior wall (on the left) which should not be there and I do not know what it is as it just appears. I hope this is better for you. Thanks Hanna
  15. Hi I wonder if someone could help me, I guess this will appear a basic question but I am having problems with my wall thickness and matching them up. I only want to do one room which has three external walls set to 300mm thick and one internal wall set to 100mm thick, when doing this a dotted line appears along the internal wall, and in 3d the ceiling appears to slope slightly (as if the wall was lower but it shouldn't be as it is one room with the same ceiling height) and the walls do not match up (appear flat). I don't always get this problem sometimes its ok and sometimes it is not, now fed up with it so would like to find out how to sort it out. I currently using Home Designer Pro 2014. Many thanks for any help. /Hanna
  16. Thanks again M There was something in the Prefs box and I changed it to standard view and low and behold it worked. These are small things but make a big difference and easy when you know how. Thanks again
  17. Many thank for your response, I feel a bit of an idiot now as it works and was a simple solution . I must of turned it off when I turned of the labels and as I see the furniture and pictures in 3d and on the plan never thought in elevations it would be off, not sure if this is a fault or if its just as it should be, but if I put in the picture frames or mirror frame my own image/picture it does not appear but the frame does. Very happy now. Thanks Hanna
  18. Hi I wonder if someone could tell me why when I do an elevation some of the items of furniture or pictures go missing, but they are there when I do a 3d floor view? I have hopefully posted examples. I am currently using Home Designer Professional 2014. Many thanks. /Hanna 3d elevation with items.pdf Elevation missing items.1.pdf