Help with roof and hole in wall


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I am building a two story garage, I the garage itself has a vaulted ceiling through the second story for two car lifts, and then an addition off of that which is two stories.


I have been able to create it looking the correct way thus far, however I am left with some holes in my walls that I need to close, how do I go about doing so?


Here is the first floor



And the second



The second floor has the room off to the side and then the main open below section to the right.  The ceiling height of the open below area is 44" and in the room of the attachment 87" (this matches the way my house is built) and will allow the roof sections to meet.  I then had to create a cutout into the open below section with hidden walls to raise just that portions ceiling height to 87" to make the roof all line up.


YOu can see the interior shot of what it looks like



And then finally you can see the hole in the wall in both the last attachment and this one, how do I close this without having a wall just appearing in my garage?



Any help is appreciated

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post the plan and fill in your Profile signature so people know what Software and version you are using , see your user name at top right>my profile>edit profile



it maybe difficult depending on the software you have , or you may have just built it incorrectly seeing the plan should help

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