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How can a see a view of my plan that shows the dimensions and will print to the correct scale?  Something like the floor plan shown but set up vertically, as though you are standing in front of the house looking at the front door (and then again at the sides and back). 
I have a scale of 1 inch per one foot. I want to print each wall in that scale, so my 20 foot wall should print out at 20 inches and fit on a 18 x 24 sheet of paper.
I've tried File, Print, Print Model but the model has no dimension labels.


I tried the orthographic and perspective views, but they won't print at the correct size.


I tried "sending to layout" but I seem only be able to do that with the floor plan and even with that, it doesn't fit on an 18" by 24" sheet because the layout has labels that take up too much space.


What am I missing?




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did you look at the KB article I posted yesterday for you? 



you don't say what software you have but if you have "send to layout"  I assume HD Pro ?  so that means you have Elevation Views on the Orthographic View menu , where you can take a full elevation of each side of the house and then add your dimensions as needed. (check manual to see how elevation camera works if needed) 


You can then send to layout at whatever scale works with the Page size you have setup for the Layout sheet. (18x24 max in Pro) which will depend on the size of the house , if it doesn't fit just delete and send again at a smaller size , ie if 1/4" is too big send again at 1/8"


Once the Layout is ready you can then Print it at true scale either to your Printer or to PDF.

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Yes, Kbird1, thanks, I did look at what you had posted. Thanks for that. I tried that but am not quite there yet.


I can see that I have Elevation Views but I don't see how to add the dimensions. When I click on an object, they appear, but only for that object. I can manually add dimensions but auto-dimensions are grayed out. I'd like the dimensions to automatically come from the plan.


Mick, I am using Home Designer 2016, version 17.2.69OSX

I'm not sure what you mean by "add title to your signature" ? Like "Ms. Walker?"

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NO not your title :)   your software  Version and Title , one step closer you have 2016 and I think Home Designer Pro from your comments. All Titles have a year and there are 5 Titles per year so it is important to know the Year (version) and Titles to get good answers as they all have different capabilities


What you are seeing is My Signature as I have to ask a lot of Users to add this info to their Forum Profile Signature via their User Name at the Top right


You have to add the dimensions with the Dimension tools yourself , there are no Auto dimensions for elevations in HD Products. You can also use Callouts and Text in elevations to Label Objects





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