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    Exterior vertical view

    Yes, thanks. That tutorial is helpful. I can do what I need to now, I just have to add the dimensions manually, which I understand how to do now, it just takes a little time.
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    Exterior vertical view

    Hi, How can a see a view of my plan that shows the dimensions and will print to the correct scale? Something like the floor plan shown but set up vertically, as though you are standing in front of the house looking at the front door (and then again at the sides and back). I have a scale of 1 inch per one foot. I want to print each wall in that scale, so my 20 foot wall should print out at 20 inches and fit on a 18 x 24 sheet of paper. I've tried File, Print, Print Model but the model has no dimension labels. I tried the orthographic and perspective views, but they won't print at the correct size. I tried "sending to layout" but I seem only be able to do that with the floor plan and even with that, it doesn't fit on an 18" by 24" sheet because the layout has labels that take up too much space. What am I missing? Regards, Elaine
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    Exterior vertical view

    Got it, thank you!
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    Exterior vertical view

    Yes, Kbird1, thanks, I did look at what you had posted. Thanks for that. I tried that but am not quite there yet. I can see that I have Elevation Views but I don't see how to add the dimensions. When I click on an object, they appear, but only for that object. I can manually add dimensions but auto-dimensions are grayed out. I'd like the dimensions to automatically come from the plan. Mick, I am using Home Designer 2016, version 17.2.69OSX I'm not sure what you mean by "add title to your signature" ? Like "Ms. Walker?"