Garage to Basement Stairs

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In my design, I'm trying to depict stairs that go from the garage to the basement.  For the most part I've been able to get this working by altering my foundation to accommodate the stairwell and by creating a room in the garage that is "open to below".  However, the 3D view from the garage shows "grass" in the stairwell.  My 3D view from the basement looks correct and the dollhouse view is correct.  I suspect there's something wrong with my room structure for the "open to below" space in the garage, but I can't seem to figure it out.  Any tips would be very welcome.  Thanks.


By the way, I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2016.





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You should set your terrain to be cut out by the building (setting found in the "Terrain Specification Dialog") or draw a terrain feature around the stairwell and designate it a "hole in terrain", either method will then remove the unwanted terrain.



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Thanks for the suggestion.  That setting didn't seem to do anything.  Also, the "Terrain Hole" feature was grayed out.


I did delete the terrain and created the terrain perimeter again and that fixed the problem.  It did appear to change the vertical offset of objects (soffits) I had used on the exterior of the structure.  Why would creating the terrain one time result in a different "floor" than creating it again?




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David's advice should work but you could check wall connections etc too to see why the Terrain is "getting in" but sometimes it best just to move on if the "fix" works , so it doesn't drive you crazy.


If you have "weird issues" it's always best to post the plan so others can look for you, there are just too many DBX's to guess at.



edit you just posted above....


possibly cos you changed the foundation defaults ,type or height and didn't rebuild the terrain previously  but the 1st floor is always 0" ,so it may depend on what the soffits are getting there height off.

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