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  1. you nailed it the scale That is the issue Did you see the images I sent? I tweaked it to make it work, but there must be an easier way I will keep at it.. Thx J
  2. The issue is _ I cant send to layout as an image together because they do not fit on layout page with my drawing I decided to draw my details separately and save as an image file(s) The resolution is not good when I save it and import to layout file Take a look at the resolution quality of the image Thanks so much for any help in how to make this work
  4. Hi all Quick question - How does one group a series of CAD Text boxes and image to make them move together like an architectural Box? I created a detail drawing with several text boxes in the plan file. I want to be able to manipulate them in the layout file as an image instead of a series of individual boxes. Since they are CAD text boxes the Architectural box feature does not come up. Let me know if there is a way to do this. Thanks Program: Home Designer Pro - 2023
  5. Does anyone use the Home Designer Backup & Storage USB? I was wondering, how this tool can help me with the use of the HD software. Thx for the feedback J-
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    Graphics Cards

    Thanks guys for sharing this information. I have been wondering about this and if the software would work at all. I would love to upgrade to the new version.
  7. David Wow!!! Thanks for the MASTER CLASS!! I really learned so much in your tutorial... I have fixed the problem Thanks to You!! I reset my system back to default and made some of your suggestions... It is back Yay!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all of your helpful suggestions.. I had issues in other plans I was working on, so I had to change back to default settings to clear up the render issues I was having and lo and behold it fixed the problem in this plan. You addressed some other issues I was having in your tutorial, so thanks for that.. I will be rewatching and take notes.. it really was helpful in understanding how the foundation and the roof planes work and are impacted... Also, I thank you for teaching me how to properly share a file and materials when I send things to the forum or sharing with others... I never understood this before.. You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT when you say that rebuilding plans do not hurt.. I learned that you always pick up something new.. Here are two renders showing the problems fixed... btw.. I used the amber light instead of the white light because I thought the white would not show next to the ceiling.. Thanks for showing me otherwise... Love the HDPro software.. Always learning new things!!! ALSO... Thanks for the wonderful video.. It was ever so helpful.. Best Regards, D-
  8. @ Solver... I changed my signature... sorry for not doing this earlier when I changed programs... Thanks for the nudge... David - I also changed the emissive properties on my ceilings and walls and lights... It did not help resolve the problem completely... I know that it is a "user error" - I just don't know what I can do to fix it.. This is the reason I mentioned in my original post... that I know it was something that I turned on, just don't know what or how to turn off... The only emissive settings was on the ceilings and walls... even after changing it and redoing the ceilings and walls... it still is not right. The yellow walls are gone... but the image is definitely distorted and not pretty in PBR like it was in the beginning.. I think there is another issue with the structure... I think that I did something with the settings for the foundation because it is open at the bottom.. I don't know how to fix it, but I think that this is causing the illumination issue.. I will just have to recreate the plan... I now see that too much emissivity can ruin a plan.. Valuable lesson learned... I thank you David and Solver for your responses.. You Guys are wonderful and helpful and your wisdom and guidance that you share on the forum is always much appreciated... Best Regards..
  9. Hi Guys, Need help with a file.. and distorted views and images (all settings). Note - it was not like this at all times, so something must have triggered this... Unfortunately, it happens in all files that are saved versions of this file. . I have checked all my render settings... image settings... compared the file to other files... This is the only one that is doing this.. I resaved under new name.. All files associated with this are not showing clearly like my other files... Can you look at this and tell me if there is something I am missing... The images are not right.. It only shows up in this file. The issue is the at images are distorted in standard and pbr views. The colors on the wall "my generic color used in most plans" comes across as yellow, instead of tan. This was my first clue that something was off. When I change the color on the walls. It is saturated, so it also tells me that something is off, somewhere.. I checked active camera, 3D, preferences.. all is normal... therefore, it must be elsewhere, that I am not familiar with.. I checked the resources for image I do understand that this most likely is a "user error" I just don't know where the error occurred. Any guidance would be most appreciated.. This is the only file that is doing this to me... so I gather, there is something that is making this happen. Everything is normal, so I don't know what is out of the ordinary in this file... Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction. Apart from starting over from scratch, I am at a loss where else to look.. p.s. I have included a zipped file HD Pro 2021 805 Indirect lighting
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    New Feature found in HD Pro 2021 - Not in my HD Pro 2020 The new 2021 version - Standard View and PBR View is substantially better than my 2020 version when displaying paint colors and has more manufacturer selections In the past, I have deleted the old program before installing the new one. This time, I have them both still, for now.. and could not believe how much better colors show up for the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Catalogs In the 2021 version they have a color palette for Benjamin Moore which has all the current 2020 colors for the year. In the past, the colors never looked good, for me, with my level of skills in the program. I am certain that a more skilled user could make anything look great.. This has just been my experience. The Sherwin Williams catalog also has more colors for 2020 that did not show up in my HDPro 2020 version. This really is a huge find for my presentations.. The great thing about the 2021 version is that it has all the Benjamin color looks for the year all classified appropriately and they look Great in standard view and in PBR view. This is an AMAZING... Improvement over what I experienced in 2019 and 2020 version of the software.. Just thought I would share the great news for any folks that use color in their presentations from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints/ Also: The Bonus Metals display sooooo much better in HDPro 2021 than HDPro 2020 and 2019. This has always been depressing for me... But the new version solves this problem tremendously.. I am enjoying discovering new surprise treats in this program every day.. Hopefully the Chief Architect folks will make a video to showcase all these new features so that others can see them too... They did a great job with this revision... If you are into better quality renders, the newer version really is so much more robust than prior years.. even in the standard views... Enjoy!!
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    I am happy to say that I took the leap of faith and updated to HDPRO 2021. I am glad that I did.. My first blush into looking at the new release is that it looks identical to 2020 version. I was surprised and pleased at how much better the PBR renders look in 2021. I would have hoped that they would give us a little more features on the materials side, BUT.... I am REALLY Happy at how vastly different the PBR looks. My basic materials do look vastly improved.. Thanks Chief Architect for this feature, I am so happy about this. I am excited about this and look forward to using the HD PRO 2021. I did see the feature with no outside wall as being very helpful tool. Thanks Chief Architect team for taking the first step in making the Renders look so much better. I appreciate this immensely. The high gloss shine on the flooring has been minimized and the wood flooring looks authentic and not overly glossy as it had been in 2020 version. This was driving me crazy.. It was the first thing I noticed when I did my first render. By no means am I an expert user, I tinker and have been working on learning the program more... As someone mentioned to me early on, the resource guide and the manual is so helpful. I learn something new, each time I read through it.. I digress, but it is safe to say that I am happy that I renewed... I do think that the larger print format feature and the waterfall edge feature are two other nice attributes in addition to the improved PBR experience. Initially I was on the edge about the renewal, since the list of changes was not as extensive as the enhancements for X12. I am happy that I took the plunge and upgraded from the 2020 version. The quality of the PBR is vastly improved.. Just wanted to share my feedback on HDPRO 2021. I look forward to sharing some renders in the near future. Best Regards, D-
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    Thanks @Dominic900and @HDbyJustin thanks to your feedback... I am taking the plunge... I was wondering about the new version HDPro 2021. I will be upgrading and will share my feedback. It is nice to see what other fellow more experienced users feel about the new version. Really appreciate your candid feedback. Look forward to upgrading and using the new features...
  13. Found it... I was using the wrong terminology - Duplicating floor. is the right terminology . Anyway - I will keep this up here in case anyone is looking for it...It is from 2015 - but still helped create the solution I was looking for.. Here is the link in case anyone in the future wants to know how to make a multi story building - just duplicate the floor.. Thanks to the Resources team for creating this... I typically find the answers after writing a question to the forum.. It is like clockwork.. The answer seems to appear after I ask for help. Thank you forum for always helping to lead me to the answers... Both with the kind people that help and all of the great info on the forum... I do hope that this helps someone in the future that is looking to create a midrise - multi-story building. All the Best...
  14. Hi All.. I would like to know if anyone can point me in the direction of how to create a multi story apartment building. I have seen a few in the gallery of images and think they are great.. I am posting a sample plan of a condo unit for you to see - I have done the catwalk, and balcony. However, this is a single family structure with a pitched roof. I have been looking in the videos but they are for single family homes with multi floors. If you know of something for me to read or watch, I would be most appreciative. Here is a sample file of a condo unit, - I have attached 2 files for you to see. In essence, these would be one of each of the various models in the building. I don't know if this means anything, but I wanted you to see what I would love to do.. I apologize in advance if this is somewhere that I have not discovered yet. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction so that I can master creating a 5 - 8 story apartment building. Really appreciate your feedback. D-
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    Apt Azena-2019

    Great job and designs using HD Pro 2020
  16. This is amazing.. Beautiful colors... Definitely a work of art/
  17. Joann It worked!!! I never thought that pulling a cabinet into the wall would be the way to go. But it did work. Another simpler solution should be the corner base cabinet extended to the proper height.. But that stile just can't work.. This method works perfectly. I never would have imagined that the software would make one pull an object into the wall for a simple corner cabinet. I am not complaining.. just thankful that you chimed in on this.. I am happy that everyone is so helpful and gracious.. I would have never thought of something like this.. and I tried everything... I am saving this in my user library as a Library Block... Thanks again to everyone who helped... D-
  18. Hi Guys, I have been thinking that Eric was using x11 - I was right - The partition method and shelves is something that I tried prior coming to Forum.. Thanks for the suggestion.. Keith - I have been toying around with the base option... funny that you mentioned this - I am tinkering, but think this may be the best option.. It is just getting rid of the style in the front that I am struggling with.. Thanks for the help.. I will let you all know if I am successful.. I sincerely appreciate everyone's help.. D-