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  1. After more research, I found ForteWEB which is a handy tool for I-Joists spans, beams etc.
  2. Working on a plan... When I ran the build, framing, floor command, the I-joists were bound by doubled 2x12's below the 2nd floor walls. That's understandable, but I don't know if the two doubled 2x12's can support the 2nd floor/joists at the 24'-4-1/2" clear span (highlighted in attachment). This may be more of a structural question. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  3. A_Moore

    Graphics Cards

    4ndrew - Nice tip!
  4. I figured out how to modify the roof plane and essentially cut that portion of roof out. Now on to adding some posts or beams at an angle, whew.
  5. I cannot figure out how to remove the portion of roof, or join these perpendicular roofs together. I'm wanting the front wall of the house fully exposed thru the gable. I'm not using auto roofs b/c I can't seem to get it to auto locate the porch beams. It only puts the roof above the actual walls. So I did these manually. Couldn't find an exact situation in the forum, so I'm posting for help. I am very new as well to this software. SWV73D.plan
  6. A_Moore

    Graphics Cards

    Seems it IS a requirement. Stay clear of any card that isn't capable of shader 6 or higher. Just leaving advice here for anyone wondering about this. I bought a GeForce GT 730, 4GB card to fit my sff and it will not work. Now I'm having to return it at Amazon.
  7. A_Moore

    Graphics Cards

    I recently purchased Pro and got the video card error on startup. Graphics cards are crazy expensive right now. Is the Direct X12, shader 6 a minimum requirement?
  8. Hello, I have 25+ years of experience drawing house plans in 2D only (AutoCad to be exact). I'm wanting to make the move to BIM and just downloaded the 2018 Home Designer Pro trial. I'm not terribly crazy about creating renderings. I just like the ability to design in 3d and generate the construction dwgs and materials list. I've looked at Softplan and Chief Architect but too much of an investment, as I only do plans as a side job. It seems like Home Designer Pro will do everything that I need, unless I'm missing something. I know that there is a print size limitation of 18x24, but I think I could live with that. Are there others like me who are using HDPRO in their home design business? Thanks, Andy