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  1. Sheen73

    Hi All New User Question

    Solver, thanks! I figured it out. I had followed the instructions from this article but I missed the build foundation step. I assumed it was built as you can see it in the image. Actually running that step fixed it and its doing what I would expect.
  2. Sheen73

    Hi All New User Question

    Here is the image, notice the stem walls and floor height. Need them to be flush and no stem wall if I am using the term correctly. Only the garage should really have that. I change floor to 0, stemwall to floor, 0 stemwall to 0 and it reverts. I must have some conflict.
  3. Sheen73

    Hi All New User Question

    Nice to meet you guys and thanks for the feedback. I will keep looking and learning. DJP, your video on custom roof pitch's helped me out a lot. I am missing something still, I think I need to add a break, but I am real close.
  4. Sheen73

    Hi All New User Question

    Hello just really wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been watching the videos and they are an immense help. Having some trouble with the custom roof but I'm getting it figured out. One question I do have, I am making our current layout before proceeding build the remodel. The slab and stem height is off. I need there to be no stem, just flat slab with footers and the garage to be 6" below floor level. Garage I was able to modify and get right for the most part but the rest of house, the floor height etc keeps resetting after I click out of object window? Original.pdf