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  1. Sounds rhetorical to me, but ill play ball. Only two items have build function, roof and framing and those had already been tried prior to posting. EDIT - huh there is a build foundation option. Interesting thanks!
  2. Changing the default wall height, Edit>Default Settings>Floor Rooms>1st Floor Or by room, open the object then select structure
  3. Hi all, I pushed out the exterior wall to expand a room and the slab is missing only from the section of the room that I pushed out. I have checked roof, all are exterior walls. Any ideas? HDP 2021.
  4. This is a 12 x 11 room. I am standing right past the door, back wall is 12'. Its a perception issue I think along with 1st person. I think it needs a 3rd person view to be more representative of the actual sizing.
  5. Hi all, I'm using HDP 2021 on Windows 10 and find that the 3D full camera view seems to not match actual dimensions and proportions. The view looks squished and small and not to scale. I am comparing this to other 3d design software. I tested on 1080p and 4k. Anyone see this?
  6. arg, ty! I missed adding the lites greater than 1.
  7. So I guess in this case Colonial or Queen Anne
  8. Hi all and happy new year. Question, how can change window style to French or Queen Anne panel type? I found the door section to make the change but don't see it for windows. Specificcly trying to create an XOX slider window with French or Queen Anne panel type. home designer pro 2021
  9. Solver, thanks! I figured it out. I had followed the instructions from this article but I missed the build foundation step. I assumed it was built as you can see it in the image. Actually running that step fixed it and its doing what I would expect.
  10. Here is the image, notice the stem walls and floor height. Need them to be flush and no stem wall if I am using the term correctly. Only the garage should really have that. I change floor to 0, stemwall to floor, 0 stemwall to 0 and it reverts. I must have some conflict.
  11. Nice to meet you guys and thanks for the feedback. I will keep looking and learning. DJP, your video on custom roof pitch's helped me out a lot. I am missing something still, I think I need to add a break, but I am real close.
  12. Hello just really wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been watching the videos and they are an immense help. Having some trouble with the custom roof but I'm getting it figured out. One question I do have, I am making our current layout before proceeding build the remodel. The slab and stem height is off. I need there to be no stem, just flat slab with footers and the garage to be 6" below floor level. Garage I was able to modify and get right for the most part but the rest of house, the floor height etc keeps resetting after I click out of object window? Original.pdf