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  1. It's only 5mb. It was the "close Pro" - I've hit that before - sorry for not remembering that step! GambrelReno-Mar20.7z
  2. What am I doing wrong? I've tried turning on every Display Option, toggling surfaces, rebuilding the roof, etc. The gable end eaves show as dotted no matter what I do. This plan was displaying just fine a few days ago. I am not sure what update to the plan made this change. I've attached a PDF so you can see what's happening. (Plan upload failed - too big?) Thanks for any help! I'm using Home Designer Pro 2020. (I added this to my Profile, not sure it's in the right place). Dotted Eaves.pdf
  3. Good to know this happens to others. I've gone the the process of deleting the walls at the attic level, then build framing, and this wall comes back. I'll try Delete Current Floor. Any ideas on the missing top plates on one side of the roof plane?
  4. HD Pro sometimes builds attic walls where there is no wall below. E.g. in the uploaded model, it builds a sloped attic wall above where the staircase is supposed to be, even though I have deleted the walls defining the stairwell and even the stairs! Open a full framing overview, delete those framing members, then "build wall framing" and that wall will re-appear. Also, when building roof framing, it builds the top plates for one side of the gable walls, but not the other. I suspect I'm again making some simple mistake - all guidance appreciated! GambrelReno-Ba
  5. Thank you! (I figured I was missing something simple). Next question (let me know if I should start a separate thread): why is it building a pony wall above the ceiling at the wall line of the bath/stair? And why is it building angled top plates at one side of the gambrel, but not the other?? (see image).
  6. I probably was not specific enough about which room - please check the 2nd floor bath. I killed and restarted HD Pro and still see the same thing - as in attached jpg.
  7. I've got a second-floor room for which HD Pro is NOT creating a ceiling. "Ceiling over this room" is checked. Floor and ceiling heights are correct. I've tried deleting a separating wall (thus merging the room with the adjacent room) and then the ceiling extends into the space. When I redraw the wall, the ceiling over that room disappears again. Plan is attached. Any ideas? GambrelReno-BathFraming.plan
  8. Hi, I'm drawing a 1 1/2 story house. This means using "ignore upper floor" to make HD build the roof on top of the first-floor walls. It also means that in the plan view, the roof plane outlines display on the lower floor. This looks funny when looking at the layout view for the plan set. The only way I can think of to correct this is to turn off roof plane display when sending the view to layout, and to draw cad lines to represent the roof outline if I want to show that on the upper floor. Am I missing something?
  9. Hi, The exterior wall of my Open Below room (stairwell) is extending through the first floor slab. Please see uploaded plan and image.. What am I doing wrong? Scott Torbank1br.plan
  10. Seems the camera display settings are automatically changed when you build while in the window of that camera. E.g. if I build roof planes while in a framing perspective window, I see the planes - not framing, and not full roof details. When I go into the display settings, Roof Planes is selected. When I un-check, they disappear from the window. If I then delete the roof planes and rebuild them, they appear again, and Roof Planes is checked again.
  11. I will check that out. But - I didn't touch any of those settings between when I saw rafters and saw the full roof! (I also saw another view where roof plans were shown in 3D views - not the framing, and not the fully rendered surfaces either).
  12. I apologize in advance if this is a naive question: why does the framing view sometimes show the rafters, and sometimes show the full roof (as in full perspective camera view)? It seems that the first time I build framing, I get the rafters. But if I delete the roof planes and the framing, then build again, I get the full roof. Perhaps this is just known behavior in Home Pro 9? Or is there a way I can change what I'm doing to see the rafters again?
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by "select the top edge" - when I click on the railing in a perspective or elevation view, it selects the room, and pulling down the top edge of the room doesn't have any effect on the protrusion (nor does it snap back). Perhaps there is some way to select the railing that I am not familiar with?
  14. Closed the plan before attaching this time, and attached an exported camera image too so you can see what's happening. Did some experiments as well. Turns out it's not all walls that cause the problem. If I replace the auto-generated stairwell railings with full walls, they automatically follow the roof plane. However, if I draw in a railing (or a pony wall), it protrudes through the roof. Gambrel.plan