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  1. I import a fair number of SketchUp objects into HDPro 2023, and I'm wondering if there is a way to set the default parameters for material properties at Medium Dull instead of Bright Matte. I am always having to change it, which is mildly annoying, but I just imported an object that has dozens of materials that all need to be reset, and it's taking a reeeaaalllly looooong tiime......
  2. Well, I couldn't get the soffit to rotate to provide the casing down the side of the door, but I was able to import a molding profile and create my own casing, Less than ideal, but it does work. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the quiick reply. This is an existing configuration in a 100-year old house that I'm trying to talk the client into changing, but I need to show them the "as is" version. Hence the problem.
  4. I am attempting to join a door with a window that is not a full sidelight in Pro 2023. I've tried making the window a fixed door, which works when the fixed door is the same height as the hinged door, but when I change the fixed door to the actual window height, they unmull. Is there a way to make this work that I am missing?
  5. Sent this to tech support, and got the following answer, which worked for me: In HD Pro 2023, you can use the Point to Point Dimension tool (CAD> Dimensions> Point to Point Dimension) to drag a dimension between the gaps in the dimension line as a workaround.
  6. Working in HDPro 2023. Dimensioning an inset cabinet w/ 1-1/4" frame. The dimension line shows only some of the frame dimensions. When you select the dimension line, you can see the dot you use to move the number around, but there are no actual numbers displayed. Been having this problem w/ all of the cabinets, altho it seems random which dimensions show up and which don't. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Skipped the 2022 upgrade and just paid extra for the 2023 upgrade (HD Pro, from 2021). I have a lot of Bonus and Manufacturer Catalogs that I really don't want to import individually. The install asked if I wanted to import my settings from HD 2022, and I said yes even tho I only had a trial version. Is there something I am missing to get all my content into HD Prod 2023??
  8. Hi Kai - Thanks for taking the time to weigh in. I think I followed your light bulb moment (pun intended, bad tho it is) about the way the rendering engine deals with light. It's been a huge disappointment, I must say, to have no real advance on the program w/ the new computer and the new rendering engine, but there's still hope for the next go around. I used to have Twinmotion, but ended up deleting it because of the massive amount of time it takes to just get one screenshot. I really need lots and lots of them because that's how I share my design progress with my clients. I may try again, tho, when I have I some time to kill. It might be worth it in some circumstances. Again, thanks for your thoughts. Kit
  9. Thanks for your reply, Dominic. I have played with everything you suggested in your second paragraph to no avail. I was unaware that catalog updates are part of each new version (altho it makes perfect sense), so I changed the chairs and the floor to new materials from the Core Catalog in the trial version, but that didn't help either. The picture below is a new floor material from the trial version set to Dark and Dull. Still looks awful. The chairs with the updated material just look the same as with the original material. Maybe the catalog is not updated in the trial version?? And thanks for the lovely offer to help with renderings, but I really need to get this to work for the long term. Regards, Kit
  10. Hi David - Did check out those links; most I had seen before. The issue is trying to ascertain how the new rendering engine in 2022 is changing the way materials look. I've played with lighting, sunlight, all of the material options, and I'm kinda out of ideas for what to try next. This is what I'm getting: The first image is what I had in HDPro 2021. The second is what I get when I first open the same file in HDPro 2022. The third is what happens when I change the daytime background intensity to 1, and make the chairs and the table both dull and dark (which sounds so depressing....). Nothing I try makes the floor look good.
  11. Finally getting around to looking again at upgrading to HDPro 2022 now that I have gone out and purchased an expensive custom machine with lots of graphics capabilities (GeForce RTX 3090 w/ tons of gpu memory) but I'm still having difficulties making things look good. The attached screenshots are from a plan I created in HDPro 2021, but I can't seem to get that milky quality out of any of the dark tones, particularly the wood ones. The materials are set as dark and dull, and in some cases I've even tried blending in a black color with the texture, but I'm still getting that milky thing, Plus the horrible difference between the floor in the two rooms; it is the same material in both spaces, and it actually should look like it does in the adjacent room, not the way it does in the kitchen. As someone else mentioned in a previous post, this is an old problem, but it seems worse in 2022 than it was in 2021. Any thoughts on how I might fix this?? Thanks to all.
  12. So, I've been playing with the wine glass, and I think it's really a question of how the lighting works in each plan. Here are some screen shots of the same wine glass in a couple of different plans. Also with some different Properties (Transparency & Emissive especially).
  13. Thanks, Solver, I have Mick's library of SS textures. I've also got some that I've played with, but still not happy. I backed up the plan to a zipped folder, but it still comes out at 203 MB, which is too large to upload. Am I missing some other way to do this??
  14. And don't get me started on how hard it is to get a stainless steel texture that isn't either too flat or too reflective..... Price you pay, I suppose, for not having CA.
  15. Yes, I tried all those things. Plus I copied the camera from one plan to another, and nothing seemed to work. I haven't been able to recreate this material using the same settings in any other program, and I can't figure out why. I tried to submit a ticket for this, but had trouble uploading the two plans in question. I should try again.....
  16. No, sorry, Savuti, I can't. All I can tell you is that I was using the oyster swirl glass and I had played around with it to get that effect. I haven't been able to recreate it in any other plan.
  17. The material is one I created from oyster glass, on a recommendation from a forum post. Putting another wine glass w/ that material results in the same outcome. I'm submitting a request for help, so we'll see what they think.
  18. Still having this problem, if anyone has any ideas. Should I submit a ticket??
  19. I'm working in HDPro 2021, and copied and pasted a group of objects that includes two wine glasses from one plan to another. The glass texture is perfect in the original plan, but in the new plan it's completely different. I also tried copying the camera over to the new plan, but that didn't change anything, And I don't know if it matters, but I just upgraded my (Windows) machine, so I'm still in the "ah, something else that doesn't work" honeymoon phase of the process.
  20. LeftRightDesign


    OK, my bad, Global Illumination was turned off for some reason in HD2020, so what I posted above is not a correct comparison. Here they are with what is actually PBR in both.
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    I downloaded the trial version of HD2021 to see if the PBR was really better, and I think it's safe to say yes, it is. The first image below is PBR in HD2020, the second one is in the trial version of HD2021. No comparison, imho. Kept all the basic adjustments the same, except for the sunlight, which was mid-day in HD2020 and 600 lux in HD2021. (600 lux in HD2020 didn't produce the sunlight on the bench, so I thought it only fair to adjust to keep that.)
  22. Thanks, solver. Have rebooted after executing the above command and everything appears to be working normally.
  23. Good morning - In attempting to insert a 3DWarehouse object into HDPro 2020, I crashed the program several times in a row and triggered the FTH warning. I was, incidentally, also getting regular crashes when I would try to save a file. And by regular, I mean, daily, I have not found a solution to that problem that doesn't go over my technical head, but for the FTH problem, I have made my way in the Registry Editor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH\State, where I see the program listed. I understand I am supposed to reset the value to 0, but when right-clicking on the Data column, I get this: Can anyone tell me what, exactly, I am supposed to do from here? Which value am I supposed to be resetting? (BTW, I just spoke w/ tech support and they won't touch this because it's a Microsoft problem.) Should I just delete it?
  24. That is what I meant when I said I turned all the display layers on. The screen shot shows everything turned on that is in the plan (as indicated w/ the red cross).