Specifying different roof overhangs with wall directives in HD Pro

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I am using Home Designer Pro 2014 and am having a problem getting the Roof Build to pick up Wall Directives. I have specified different Overhang Lengths in a couple of different exterior walls that are being ignored when the roof is built. I am using "Auto Rebuild Roofs" and have unchecked "Same Roof Height at Ext. Walls" and checked "Same Height Eaves" so that the non-default overhand values that I specified are used, as instructed in the Help file. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working. Is there something else that I am missing?  


I posted this issue a couple of months ago on the old forum, but have not figured out the problem yet.  (I took time off after my first child as born in March.)  This time I am also posting a picture that shows the issue.  The selected wall at the top of the drawing in the middle is inset and should have a 108" overhang as you can see in the open dialog box.  Unfortunately, it does not generate that way, as you can see from the roof lines.  I have deleted the roof baseline polylines and also followed the steps in this article to no avail:


Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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Since you have Pro can't you just pull that Roof line out to match the two sides manually? Other wise I would of thought and invisible wall between the to corners would cause the roof to move out.



Could it possibly be the "alcove" setting that is stopping it generating straight through? I think the default is only 36"






Edit: just did a quick drawing and setting the minimum Alcove measurement on the On the build Roof DBX  120" causes the roof to generate straight thru.






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