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  1. I am using Home Designer Pro 2014 and am having a problem getting the Roof Build to pick up Wall Directives. I have specified different Overhang Lengths in a couple of different exterior walls that are being ignored when the roof is built. I am using "Auto Rebuild Roofs" and have unchecked "Same Roof Height at Ext. Walls" and checked "Same Height Eaves" so that the non-default overhand values that I specified are used, as instructed in the Help file. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be working. Is there something else that I am missing? I posted this issue a couple of months ago on the old forum, but have not figured out the problem yet. (I took time off after my first child as born in March.) This time I am also posting a picture that shows the issue. The selected wall at the top of the drawing in the middle is inset and should have a 108" overhang as you can see in the open dialog box. Unfortunately, it does not generate that way, as you can see from the roof lines. I have deleted the roof baseline polylines and also followed the steps in this article to no avail: Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.