Help with a “split” stair landing

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I need help with a staircase I am laying out. I am running HD Architectural 2016 Mac version. We are building a house, and have plans drawn up by an architect. I have imported jpg’s of the 3 floors, and am building the project based off these plans. Our staircase runs from the first floor to the third floor, and has 2 flights on each level. The stairs run a short flight, then a 180 degree turn with a landing.


The landing is split with 1 step up. I can’t figure out how to get that to happen, or how to draw it. I am able to get the two stairs and a landing, but not able to split the landing. 


You can see in this screenshot the red line is where I need to add the step up. 



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use two landings not one, set them  the riser height distance apart ...


you can probably just copy>paste in place> select and resize top landing you just copied to 1/2 and set its height one step(riser) above the original. 


if that doesn't work post the plan ,so I can have a "play"



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