Vertical moulding around Refrigerator


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My client wants a kitchen with a LOT of moulding. I can do crown moulding, light rails and all the vertical stuff, but I can't seem to figure out how to do any vertical moulding like in the picture below on the left to do around the refrigerator. Also, I have never figured out a solution for panel ready appliances and how to actually put panels on them. Do I just put a cabinet door in front of it? I'm afraid that would just cover the handle and everything and wouldn't look right. image.thumb.png.3a50e0a3e5bce974766a9df67bd4c46a.png

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yes that is how they are made in real world you unscrew frame on say top and slide the new wood door panel down.

Usually these types of fridges have handles etc atached to door middle edge - See Sub-Zero in MANUFACTURER Library.


Then for vertical pilasters on sides you could leave space when setting cabinets and go to normal library under architecture/ millwork:

And go thru each subfolder for columns or balusters etc until you find one you like the look and stick in between cabinets and stick forward 1-3".

IF sides not flat use partition to fill gap by making it thick and go from cabinet to cabinet but is flush with front cabinet face frames.


Or stick in a Cabinet that is BLANK and solid front to fill in gap.

lots of way for that type of stuff.


Just remember you are trying to make a pretty 3D rendering not exactly how you build as that would be up to cabinet and trim carpenters.

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