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Update:  Apparently, the Exteriors and Landscaping, Road and Parking 3D Library Catalog item I purchased this morning has not been installed.  When I click on Download, it opens my Home Designer Pro 2019 version instead of giving me the option to select which Home Designer Pro version (2022) where I want it installed.  I opened each Home Designer Pro version (2022 and 2019), and it has not been installed into either version.  I need it installed into 2022!  Can someone please assist me with this issue, or should I be calling Home Designer Tech Support?  Thank you in advance.

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I'd start by clicking this button if it's an option in Pro 2022.


You should then be able to import the catalog you purchased by simply double clicking the downloaded file.





And many questions have been answered -- a search on the Home Designer site is a good place to start.



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Eric, your suggestions worked perfectly.


Home Designer Pro 2022 has "Preferences" located at the bottom of the "Edit" tab pulldown list.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter as it is immensely appreciated.


Enjoy your weekend.

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