Retaining wall for sunken entryway/stairway


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Hi all -new user here.


I'm trying to recreate the entryway shown in the photograph attached.  I've tried creating retaining walls, and they just go in as foundations and I can't reduce the height significantly. I've also tried adding terrain, but it just fills the area. 3d image with retaining wall attached.


Any advise or directions? Please and thanks.




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On floor level 0, draw half walls. Set their thickness and material like concrete walls.
Add the stairs.


On floor 1Create your terrain perimeter, (shown as hatched region).

On floor 1, turn on floor reference, and place a terrain hole,  shaped to your "room". (shown as blue)

On floor 1, draw an elevation region (shown as orange).



Elevations shown are just guesses.

You keep leaving the forum, making it difficult to help.



image.thumb.png.eedb083dd1c2430dc14b3119260d3369.png   image.thumb.png.9e2117567920478eb9d4cd64b01460ee.png

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