My exterior wall siding disappeared from rendering view!


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I've been using HD Pro for quite a while now, but this is a new experience-


I'm in the middle of creating permit drawings, and suddenly the exterior siding material I had previously selected totally disappeared from exterior elevations (2D) and rendering views (3d), leaving only the angled, repeated "Chief Architect" logo defaulting in place of the rendered siding material! 


I've now been toying and monkeying with all the various settings to no avail. My selected siding material refuses to show up (see attached rendering).


I even tried creating a new (experimental) file from scratch just to see if the rendering engine is malfunctioning, but the siding material shows up just fine in the new file.


What happened / what am I doing wrong?


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I didn't look at the pdf, yet if it's near a manual roof, the roof could be pulled into the wall too far and cut the siding off? If you can just post an image, it'll be easier to see 

. What you're seeing is the housewrap, which is the layer just behind the siding 

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Never mind, I just figured it out...


I re-created the wall type I want, and gave it a new name. Then I clicked on a malfunctioning wall, changed it to a different wall type, and then changed it again to the new wall type that I just re-created.


Somehow by going through the above procedure, the malfunctioning wall type is obliterated by the desired wall type that I just re-created.


Then I went through each wall around the perimeter and replaced the properly-functioning wall type for the malfunctioning one. All in all, a strange experience, but I seem to have gotten out of the conundrum.


Thanks for your help!

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