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haven't used program in a while, trying to change exterior siding material and color, often changes don't seem to go into effect, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't? 

Home Designer Suite 2021

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make new exterior wall and when creating use exterior surface/material you want and color and then use that wall when drawing be it siding or brick.


IF existing wall you need to use material paint tool.

Click spray can then select material you want exterior wall to be....

Say it is siding and you do not like color... then after chaning to siding shape and size you like then select spray can again.

And pic color you like from the paint manufacturers or where ever....and then on bottom of screen lower left you have painting options - select roller looking thing.

then spray paint exterior wall you and it will just add that that over top of say sidign to change its color but keep its physical look...


play with it.

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