Upgrading to HDP 2022 from 2021


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I use HDP 2021.  I would like to open, modify and share plans with a contractor using Chief Architect X13.  My understanding is that CA X13 is compatible with HDP 2022.  If this is true, I would like to upgrade to HDP 2022, but the website only allows an upgrade to HDP 2023.  My concern is that the X13 user would not be able to open my plans created in 2023.  Is there a way to simply upgrade form HDP 2021 to HDP 2022?


Thank you,


Home Designer Pro - 2021 

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X13 can read .plan files that you send that user. Once opened and saved in X13 then ONLY HD Pro 2022 will open plans marked for HD P 2022 (not 2021). This has always been the case: no backward compatibility.


Personally, I have solved this for myself by running older versions on my computer ( versions 11-24 or X1 - X14) because I specialize in working with HD users who use older versions and Chief Premier Users who, for whatever reason do not see the need to upgrade.


I am sorry this is an issue for you, indeed.



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Hello RS,


Please give our Sales Department a call.  We should have an option to help with the file compatibility issue.  You can contact us M-F from 7AM to 4PM Pacific Time at 208-292-3400.


Kind regards,



Chief Architect Sales

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