The strange case of the phantom window casing


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Every time I start a new plan it seems as if I am presented with something strange that hasn't happened in previous work, which I can't seem to solve and which brings me back to these forums to see what the experts have to say.

In this case I have started work on a petrol station (gas station to you folk in the U S of A).  I haven't got very far with the plan because I noticed a strange phenomenon in that brick casings that jut out of the wall were being inserted on the interior walls both in 3D Dollhouse view as well as in camera view.  I have checked, double checked and thrice checked that I have set the window settings to suppress the casing on both the interior and the exterior of the wall.  The exterior is fine but as you will see from the attached images a pox appears on the interior of all the windows and I have failed in every attempt to get rid of them.


I await your words of wisdom. ;)






Note:  I have tried at attach a copy of the plan but it won't upload.  It just buffers, and buffers and buffers...


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I can't remember that far back Mick! :rolleyes: But aren't default settings specific to a particular plan or am I missing something (which wouldn't be at all unusual)?

Am trying to upload the plan again...

Petrol station.plan


p.s. I hope you have noticed how beautifully crisp and clear my attachments are. I bought a better graphic card. :)

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The defaults would depend on the Template you used to start this Plan , and whether you perhaps changed the default HD Pro template , perhaps by accident? or perhaps you made your Own Template Plan as I and others have?


Close the Plan in HDP before you try uploading a copy to the Forum. Can you do a "backup entire Plan" and zip the folder and post here pls?  my Computer doesn't have all the textures your plan has , for eg I see no brick at all in any view like in your pics above. I just see a brown colour so far but will look a bit more into it.



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It's ok Keith I figured out it was the Eldorado Stone library ...........


you didn't tell us you had been playing and making funky EPS Wall definitions of your own :)  , don't know the issue though yet, perhaps send plan to TS as I can't see why the wall Definition is causing that exterior brick layer to poke out on the interior (bug?) but I think it has to do with your wall "layers" and that the Main layer is no#7  the interior drywall though not say no#4.


***Update   yes changing the main wall layer to no#4 fixed it for me



I changed the wall type to CMU and all is well. YOu could try altering the Wall def. and see if you can figure out the issue




after main wall layer changed



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The defaults would depend on the Template you used to start this Plan , and whether you perhaps changed the default HD Pro template


I haven't the vaguest idea of what you are talking about there, Mick.  When I start a new plan I just open HD, click on "New Plan" and start drawing.  :blink:  Am I supposed to do something else as well???


I always make funky walls because I am a fan of SIPS walls and try and create them as accurately as possible to the real thing, sometimes with brick/block external and internal skins such as the castle and sometimes with just a brick external skin and a drywall interior such as this one .  In a similar vein I try and use other sources for bricks and stone and stuff because I find the standard HD library selection quite boring.


You are right in that I initially selected #7 as the main layer.  I did this to try and avoid the weird wall connections that usually occur (the facility to specify that a particular wall type butts another wall is still unavailable almost two years after my suggestion that this be re-instated) but I never thought that, by doing so, the software would suck part of the external brick wall right through the SIPS section and stick it on the other side.   :D


That said, I would have fiddled until my village burned to the ground to find what was causing le phenomenon so thank you so much for doing it for me.  The main layer is now #4  and the problem has now gone away. 


In the hope that what I have learned through this topic remains in my memory I remain








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Sounds like you always use the Default Plan Keith , which is actually a Plan File called ProfileM,Plan  (m=metric , no M if imperial) , I would leave it alone but you can use and setup any Plan you have as a Template ,with all your usual settings in Preferences, and all the Defaults set the way you use most often, you custom Wall types so you don't need to redefine them each Plan etc etc.


You don't need to use any of the supplied Templates ,once you have setup a blank Plan with all your settings , save it as My Template ( and a 2nd time as My Template Backup) , then instead of using the New Plan button , just use the Open button , open My Template.Plan and you have all your settings ready to go on a Blank sheet, without having to go thru all those DBX's again and again. 


this is a Tutorial for Chief on how to do it , and some stuff doesn't apply to Pro like Annotation Sets and Layers , it should guide you sucessfully

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Thanks, Mick. I've printed that article for future reference. It will save me quite a bit of hassle and I assume that once a template has been set up I would still be able to change some things like window/door style and materials etc. on any new individual plan.

As an aside, I do so wish that CA would be more economical when they write those articles. Such a waste of paper because of the font size(s) and the triple and quad line spacing between paragraphs.


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No Problem Keith , no it doesn't alter the ability to change anything as normal in any individual plan , just saves a tonne of setup time , you can even have more than one template of your own if you want, eg HD is setup to American standards etc so you can do your own to more closely resemble your local settings or different types of buildings.


Should like you printed the webpage instead of going upto "tools" and click the Print label , which brings up another Browser window with a printable version of the page. I usually actually then "Print to PDF" using PDF995 and just save them to my HD Tutorials Folder.

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