Top FIrst Floor Exterior Wall Overhanging Ground Floor Exterior Wall?


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Hi All,


  Just registered, newbie with this software but making progress so far.  I've either made a mistake or this is a quirk - but as can be seen from attached files - the upper floor is overhanging the ground floor by more than the depth of the gutter.


It's not a huge issue, but I'd be embarrased to submit this to the planning department as they might assume my measurments are out (they're not - seperate drawing).


I built the original exterior > Gable roof walls first, then built the first floor, before making the left/right walls gable supporting and finally adding extension at ground floor level.


I'd greatly appreciate any advice, as I'm currently a bit red faced over this.







Plan 6.plan

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Hi Alex,


Welcome to the forum.


Is the issue that the left gable wall is not coplanar to the wall below?  Or is it more complicated, meaning that the entire upper floor needs to shift to the right by the amount to make that wall coplanar?


You can use the align walls tool to fix the upper left gable wall.  But if that makes incorrect measurements elsewhere, then you'll need to adjust them to the right by the same amount.  After you turn on the reference display to show both floors, you may need to manually adjust the upper wall a bit to get the align wall tool to appear on the object toolbar.  Once it does, click it and the walls will align per the default settings.  Then adjust all of the other items, including the opposite exterior wall, to get their correct measurements.


In your plan, it appears you have the same misalignment for the 2nd floor left and top walls (relative positions in plan view).


Hope this helps. :)

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