Terrain Interpolator - Ignoring terrain breaks and retaining walls - calculation complexity


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I'm working on mapping our plot with is on a slope and contains inconsistent and terrain drops and retaining walls.

I'm trying to use as few complex terrain shapes/contour lines as possible to allow me to map in details the plot's slopes.


Unfortunately I'm only half way through mapping the terrain and am experiencing the following


 "Terrain Interpolator is ignoring terrain breaks and retaining walls due to complexity of the calculation" when building terrain.


As an example I've recently tried to map the stepped/sloped terrain at one side of the property.

  1. I've placed elevation regions with appropriate elevations for the steps 
  2. added terrain breaks in between each elevation region to form a step


This technique worked for 3 steps and then Terrain Interpolator occurs stopping any further retaining walls or terrain breaks from being used anywhere else.


My questions are:

  1. are there any settings (possibly hidden configuration files ?) that allow complex calculations at the expense of rendering/modelling time.
  2. as can be seen in Terrain-permiter.png file the plot is very long and thin. Can I limit the area to be included in any calculations, hence permitting further retaining walls and terrain modelling?
  3. Is this a limit of the Home Designer Pro 2021 on MacOs?
  4. Should I be trying to model the terrain in such detail in this product in the first place? Is it only designed for simple even slopes?


Thanks in advance for any help as I've been struggling to find the best approach to model the terrain before even attempting to progress to modelling the house.


( note I've added a simple basic building for reference only ).







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